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Your source for beautiful sterling silver belt buckles, exotic leather belt straps, and unique sterling silver jewelry all handmade of the finest materials. We are a full retail store but also provide wholesale services for other retailers or companies wishing to carry our sterling silver buckles, sterling silver jewelry or our handmade exotic leather belt straps with or without their own custom stamping. We take pride in our products and customer service, so have confidence when purchasing from Silver and Hide.

Sterling Silver Belt Buckles

All of our beautiful sterling silver belt buckles are handmade of the finest materials. Our sterling silver buckle sets can be purchased in a variety of sizes and as a buckle only, buckle and keeper, or as a complete set of buckle keeper and tip. We also offer extra sterling silver buckle set tips to be used when switching the buckle out between other belt straps. To switch one of our sterling silver buckles between straps is as easy as unsnapping the strap, removing the buckle, and attaching it to another strap in the same manner. All of our sterling silver belt buckles are great for dress or casual wear.

Exotic Leather belt Straps

Here at Silver and Hide we carry an extensive line of beautiful handmade exotic or basic leather belt straps in many colors. Our exotic leather belt straps consist of stingray belt straps, alligator belt straps, hornback alligator belt straps, lizard belt straps, matte crocodile belt straps, ostrich belt straps and bison belt straps, while we also carry more basic leather belt straps like ranch hide belt straps and French calf belt straps.All of our exotic leather belt straps come in a variety of width, sizes and colors. With over 30 years of experience in making handmade leather belt straps we know you will fall in love with the quality, comfort and variety of out exotic and basic leather belt straps.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

After over 20 years of designing, hand making and producing unique sterling silver jewelry designs, our sterling silver jewelry line has a quality and unique flare that sets us apart from other jewelers. By using old world siversmithing techniques combined with fresh new approaches to jewelry making, our jewelry designs fit into today's fashion while still maintaining the high quality feel that can only come from truly handmade designs. From sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces and more our sterling silver handmade jewelry designs will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Sterling Silver Belt Buckles, Handmade Jewelry & Exotic Leather Straps

Silver and Hide is a designer, manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of high quality handmade sterling silver belt buckles, sterling silver and semi precious stone jewelry and beautiful exotic genuine leather belt straps. With many years in the belt buckle and jewelry business, Silver and Hide has developed an innovative style that is apparent in all of their designs from their sterling silver belt buckles to their jewelry and exotic straps. Always striving to produce the highest quality products and customer satisfaction in the industry, Silver and Hide has become a top designer and manufacturer in the sterling silver belt buckle and jewelry trade.

Whether you are looking for unique hand crafted sterling silver belt buckles, stylish sterling silver and semi precious stone jewelry, or genuine exotic leather belt straps in many beautiful skins and colors, look no further than Silver and Hide, a handmade in the USA sterling silver belt buckle, jewelry and exotic leather belt strap company. Where jewelry is not just jewelry but wearable works of art for men and women.

Sterling Silver Belt Buckles

At Silver and Hide we take pride in our hand made sterling silver belt buckles. A main focus of our product line, our high quality sterling silver buckles come in many unique designs from traditional and classic silver buckles to more contemporary designs and even sculpted and hand carved, cast sterling silver belt buckles that lend themselves to more of an original work of art. Silver and Hide's sterling belt buckles come in many beautiful and distinctive styles for both men and women. All of our belt buckles have been meticulously designed and then hand crafted or cast in the finest sterling silver. Our sterling silver belt buckles come in different widths and can easily be switched from one belt strap to another, giving our customers the ability to diversify their style. Our three and four piece buckle sets can be ordered with or without tips and keepers allowing for a custom look. Extra keepers and tips can also be purchased to make it easier to interchange our sterling silver buckles with the other styles and colors of leather straps we offer. Many belt buckle designers in the industry today simply come up with a design (or worse copy an existing design), send it off to be fabricated (much of the time out of the United States where labor is cheep), then try and pass their products off as truly unique hand made belt buckles. Here at Silver and Hide we take pride in our use of hands on traditional techniques and equipment to create our original custom belt buckle designs so we can offer our customers unique handmade sterling silver belt buckles created in the USA.

Hand Crafted Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

Along side our sterling silver belt buckles, Silver and Hide also offers and extensive line of handmade sterling silver jewelry and semi precious stone jewelry for both men and women. Our jewelry collection consist of beautiful hand crafted sterling silver necklaces, earnings, bracelets and sterling silver pendants. All of our jewelry designs hold and artistry and quality that can be seen in each and every design. Our handmade sterling silver and semi precious stone jewelry is unique and one of a kind, using traditional tools, top quality supplies, fine sterling silver, and hand selected gem stones like, fresh water pearls, amethyst, smoky quarts, shell, peridot, agate, jasper, coral, turquoise and more. Because each one of our jewelry designs are hand crafted, no two are alike, providing our customers with one of a kind jewelry pieces. While the jewelry industry has been plagued by the influx of jewelry designers using computers to create their designs then out sourced to the cheapest manufacturers in China, Mexico and abroad, here at Silver and Hide we still hold traditional jewelry designing and silversmithing as a high art form, hand designing, fabricating and casting our own designs in house and in the USA.

Exotic Leather Belt Straps

Another product line Silver and Hide takes pride in is our extensive line of hand made exotic genuine leather belt straps. Here at Silver and Hide we carry top quality leather belt straps in many unique colors and exotic skins. Some of the genuine and exotic leather belt straps we carry are ostrich belt straps, ostrich leg belt straps, stingray belt straps, alligator belt straps, hornback alligator belt straps, lizard belt straps, bison belt straps, caiman crocodile belt straps, hair on calf belt straps, french calf belt straps and ranch hide belt straps. Some of the colors we offer in our exotic belt straps are black belt straps, brown belt straps, cognac belt straps, navy blue belt straps, red belt straps, burgundy belt straps, forest green belt straps. Also some of the unique custom colors we can get are pink belt straps, purple belt straps, gray belt straps, light blue belt straps, white belt straps, lime green belt straps and more. All of the high quality hand made exotic genuine leather belt straps we carry are made in the USA.

Wholesale Belt Buckles, Jewelry & Exotic Straps

Silver and Hide is always looking for retailers to carry our handmade wholesale sterling silver belt buckles, wholesale sterling silver jewelry and wholesale exotic leather belt straps. Please visit our Wholesale Page located in out Important Links if you are interested in our wholesale jewelry products or for more information.

Custom Belt Buckles, Belt Straps and Jewelry Design

Silver and Hide offers personalized custom belt buckles, custom exotic belt straps and custom jewelry designs for our customers. If you have a particular custom belt buckle, custom belt strap or custom jewelry design in mind, Silver and Hide can work with you to make your idea a reality. Because we design and hand craft the majority of our products we have the knowledge and skill to take a custom design you have or create a custom design for you and then produce it into a finished belt buckle or jewelry item. If you think you might have an idea for a custom belt buckle, custom exotic belt strap or jewelry design please contact us for a quote and more information.